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Quiz Show beta
May 03, 2013 09:15 AM PDT

Here's our attempt at a trial run of the Quiet Time quiz show where Jamie pits Jonathan against Zack and Kristi.

Conspiracy Queries
April 19, 2013 02:41 PM PDT

We discuss conspiracy theories that have already happened,and ponder over exactly what we heard in the skies above our house. *Spoiler* They were sonic booms. Enjoy responsibly.

The Spoiling Dead
April 06, 2013 12:32 PM PDT

We spoil the hell out of some Walking Dead in this quiz free episode, followed by some of the least clever Would You Rathers in human history. Enjoy!

A Drunken Game of Judgement
March 15, 2013 02:00 AM PDT

Zack(@Action_Jaxn) and Kristi(@Kristi_Pop) join our hosts in this episode, which is the second part of episode 17 of The Holocast, to challenge each other's juvenile sides in a drunken round of Kill, Marry, Fuck.

Enable Your Cookies
March 06, 2013 12:00 AM PST
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Jamie pits Jonathan and Will against Dani and Josh in a no holds barred cookie slogan quiz with an unfortunate ending. The gang also discusses a few things such as Bill Murray movies, celebrities we share birthdays with, and Masonic symbols in logos.

Talking in a Car
February 20, 2013 02:33 PM PST

We talk about Arrested Development, Dr. Greene from ER, and Myrcene. and we test some new equipment on this episode that has so much wind noise it's barely listenable. Enjoy!

Super Bowl Commercial Game Questionnaire Extravaganza 1
February 07, 2013 06:18 PM PST

Jamie quizzes Jonathan on commercials from this years Super Bowl, and those aren't crickets you hear, we're doing this one in front of an actual crowd! (they're really just crickets)

The Alexxc..err, The Hol..ummm..Episode 4!
January 24, 2013 06:51 AM PST

We Skype with @TheAlexxcast and @Steph_Infect in this fun episode

20 Questions with Friends
January 18, 2013 07:40 AM PST

If you missed the title we break out in a game of 20 questions in this episode with guests Will and Danni

Miscellaneous Brainfarts
January 10, 2013 05:53 PM PST

More ancient anomalies from Jonathan and Jamie loses her voice again

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